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Grid Tied Photovoltaic (PV)  Systems
30% Federal tax credit

    Off Grid Photovoltaic (PV)
Remote Cabins


AEG Energy Solutions' offers a comprehensive service to handle the switch to
Green Energy.
We will handle the details so that you don't have to. Our commitment is to make it easy for you to generate renewable energy.

Each “Turn-Key” system consists of PV solar modules, structural elements, and controls and is created to the custom specifications of each customer. We will come to your property to determine the best size, mounting arrangement and positioning to ensure the best operation of your system.

A well-designed and maintained PV system will operate for more than 25 years. The PV module, with no moving parts, has an expected lifetime exceeding 30 years.

 AEG Energy Solutions' Systems are designed to work while connected to the local electric utility grid, allowing you the ease and comfort of generating electricity during daylight hours and drawing from the grid during nighttime hours. Batteries are not required for a grid tied solar system.

TVA will purchase the power you produce from your PV solar system while you purchase energy from the local utility. TVA created Green Power Providers® as a “dual-metering” option. The Green Power Providers program uses two meters. TVA will purchase 100% of the green energy output for 20 years.

Federal Tax Credit:
  • 30 percent Federal tax credit

Income from Solar

TVA Green Power Providers® Program:

Green Power Providers participants benefit by defraying the costs of their renewable system installation and lowering their monthly energy bills through the revenue they receive from the sale of green power.

  • A Photovoltaic solar system installed by a customer served by a participating power company of TVA is eligible to participate.

  • TVA will purchase all of the green energy output at the retail rate including fuel cost adjustments.

  • The purchase rate is equal to the monthly retail rate including fuel cost adjustments. As the monthly rate increases, the purchase rate increases, providing a hedge against inflation.

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